Defining eStomism

These days, talkiestomi_new01-copyng about religions seem to be back in fashion. Jains talk about Jainism, Buddhists talk about Buddhism and so do the rest of other religious people. Every other person seems to be inclined to prove how his/her religion is superior to other ones. We have read and known to what extremes people have created chaos under the guise of religion. I am not sure if all of them understand it religiously (pun intended) or do they seem to follow it blindly.

Interestingly, we too have a religion at eStomi and we follow only one religion – CUSTOMER. Call it simple eStomism or eStomism (eStomiServiceManagement). However, we have only 5 commandments that our team members follow –

  • Serve the customer with optimal solution
  • Ensure value additions with every deliverable to the customer
  • Trust thy team member
  • Keep learning and upgrading knowledge
  • Reduce turnaround time while maintaining/enhancing quality

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