When do you do Moon dance?

We recently implemented a complex CMDB integration for one of our Swiss customer. The COO called up and signed up for exploring strategic partnership. That moment to us, defines a happy moment to shake a leg.

We implemented a Helpdesk solution for a pharmaceutical customer. Today, its VP logs in for few mins every day into the system and gets the information PAN India on his finger-tips. He is so satisfied that he has offered to vouch us for any Helpdesk/ITSM implementation within and outside the organization. That, to us, is a proud moment to jig which is due a satisfied customer and an effective system implementation.

Our team implemented an extremely cost-effective ITSM solution for one of our IT customers; the founder reached out to us to extend it to BSM solution for them. However, his budget couldn’t be accommodated and we had to take a call to let go that implementation as we didn’t find the rates offered as justified. Nevertheless, he continues to be one of our contacts whenever new prospects/customers ask for references. These types of references make us to strive further to acquire such customers while not compromising on our core values and expertise to be exploited.

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