What is your ROICI?

roi-1It was the first time that we were to interview candidates for providing RIM (Remote Infrastructure Management) support. Ideally, we don’t undertake any non-ITSM activities; however, since one of our customers wanted us to help on it, we had agreed to take it up, indeed, foreseeing additional business from them. We had reviewed the resumes the previous night and they all seemed to meet our evaluating criteria.

We reached on time and requested to send their candidates after completing greeting and handshaking formalities. The first two candidates had three job changes and were relatively good in communication skills. When we started asking questions, we realized in the first five minutes that they are versed with very basic activities like creating users, groups, assigning permissions etc. They didn’t have clue of writing cron jobs or scripts or for that matter configuring scheduler.

We requested other set of three candidates to be interviewed whose experience ranged from 2 to 6 years. Same result. We had hoped that at least the 6 years experienced candidate would perhaps meet our expectations. Alas! None of them were able to meet our basic expectations of providing support role.



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