Swachch Bharat Plus


Amitabh Bachchan tweeted his photos and video of cleaning the streets holding a broom. Priyanka Chopra too posted her video where she did a fantastic job of depicting how dirty the Versova area was and how she cleaned it with her team. Sachin Tendulkar squeezed his hand-gloves to drain the sweat that had gotten accumulated after spending several hours cleaning streets near to his locality along with few other volunteers.

Mr. Modi has indeed done a fantastic job of nominating certain set of celebrities for his Swachch Bharat campaign. This certainly helps to gather a good momentum and get more people (who are mostly followers of such celebrities) to join the campaign of cleaning drive. The celebrities get an opportunity to leverage their popularity for a better use, get to interact with their followers and of course, some of them use it for their publicity too. Nevertheless, I see this as a win-win activity where everybody, and thus the nation, gets benefited. Let me put a disclaimer that this blog has not been written to publicize BJP or Modi. The intent was to derive a helpful context from a good idea and explore if we can apply it to other areas to improvise.

I was wondering if we can extend this campaign rather than restricting it to cleaning streets or dirty localities only.



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