Outsourcing v/s Partnering


Until few months ago, I had not envisioned that we may outsource or partner with other organizations to deliver projects. Let me admit that my thought process or presumptions were not all right up until we got to experience it. I intend to share our experience in this blog.

We have been outright rejecting any projects that were not related with ITSM or BSM. However, we also realized that we were losing opportunities to tap ITSM/BSM potential because of it. The first time we had an opportunity to execute RIM (Remote Infrastructure Management) assignment, we wondered if we should take it up. We then decided to outsource it to the experts only because we had initiated ITSM discussion with the customer earlier and we didn’t want to lose that track. In this case, we interviewed several external organizations to ensure that quality would not be compromised as we front-ended the projects. We finalized with an organization and decided to have couple of our resources work on it to ensure that we lead the project.

We also managed to bag a different large project from another customer wherein we had to take a call either to outsource or manage it internally. We decided to outsource with similar organization to deliver the project as our other internal team members were already engaged with existing customers. This experience, though, was different one.



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