One Day Contract


Long term vision and its execution has become a norm for the leaders today. They invest in enriching domains, resources, succession planning, mergers and acquisitions; and indeed on strategy.

I remember talking with my then HR Manager about 15 years ago on understanding the IT market. What he told appeared interesting and intimidating too. He had just had a meeting with an influential personality of Singapore. The personality had told him that he planned only for a week as he didn’t have control beyond that duration. What essentially he meant was that he needed to keep himself appraised at least every week on what’s happening and if he didn’t, he would lag behind! Now, he didn’t refer it in terms of the regular ‘rat race’. It was in the context of learning. In simple words, as a leader, he couldn’t keep himself behind. If he did, he became a ‘follower’, not ‘leader’.

That was then. How often do we evaluate ourselves to know if we are on the right track? Tell me if you really write down your objectives/goals (especially the ones that you submit every year to be evaluated during appraisals)?



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