IT + IT = IT


I returned last night from New Delhi after attending 25th year celebrations of NASSCOM. What a journey! Am honoured to be associated with NASSCOM which has achieved a fantastic growth in past 25 years – as PM stated half-jokingly, may be because politicians didn’t interfere much 🙂

I was privileged to hear Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad (Minister of Communications and Information Technology) and Mr. Jayant Sinha (Minister of State for Finance Incumbent) indeed followed by India’s PM, Mr. Narendra Modi.

I must admit that for the first time, I felt proud of hearing out politicians who have such a grand vision for India. Again, as earlier, let me be clear that this blog is nothing to do with BJP party, but to throw light on my experience at NASSCOM’s event.

Jayant Sinha (who is an IITian, has completed MBA from Harward Business School and has served in McKinsey & Company for 12 years!) explained how he has been a student studying budget and what key factors were considered to ensure that poor, middle class, entrepreneurs, investors etc will be benefitted from this year’s budget. He even clarified few critical queries from the audience.



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