IoT (Internet of Things) OR IoB (Internet of Business)?


Due to technology, internet has been revolutionized from boffins to geeks to masses to mobility to Internet of Things. The impact has been felt in different segments like education, healthcare, communications, business, entertainment, logistics etc. As per different sources, when population of the world is expected to be 7.6 billion by 2020, the connected device per person would go up to 6.58! Let’s discuss if it should be IoT/IoB?

RFID, Sensors, Smart Tech and Nano Tech are few critical technologies that are contributing to IoT. With an invention, come challenges and issues – Society (People, security, privacy), Environmental aspects and indeed Technological challenges (Standards, interoperability, interfaces, governance etc). Imagine how gamification itself is leveraged creatively by people as a part of this. Yes, you guessed right. We have also started strategizing how ITSM (IT Service Management), BSM (Business Service Management) or for that matter, simply Service Management would be integrated as a part of this revolution.



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