Honey, I shrunk the costs !


Since ever we have started ITSM consulting, we must’ve shared umpteen times how important, useful and process oriented all its modules are; with our customers. Since we implement it day in and day out, we leverage the best practices and try to identify the customer trends on tool usage.

At a high level, an ITSM tool captures the issues within an organization in a more formal and methodical way, helps to track and implement change requests, consider RCA (Root Cause Analysis), provides a measurement of SLAs (Service Level Agreements), helps create and maintain knowledge base etc. The data generated using this tool can be used to understand the health of the organization in terms of productivity since one can know the issues resolved in time or if SLAs were violated. The breakup of such vital statistics can be made available department-wise, site-wise, priority-wise, status-wise etc. Our team has been helping our customers to get this value-added insight post implementations.We embarked on this journey few months ago; however, we were wondering on how do we do value addition to this aspect.

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