E = mc2


Although familiar to most of the people worldwide, I think, people hardly give a thought to understand what this equation (E = mc2) is all about. Yes, everybody knows that it is associated with Einstein and vice-versa and few of us know that it explains theory of relativity. David Bodanis has written an excellent book to explain it in the simplest way. Don’t worry, I do not intend to explain the theory of relativity in this blog; however, I would like to leverage this equation to share my thoughts on ethics.

I have shared few of my thoughts on ethics in one of my previous blogs. There, I have explained how, many people, under the guise of situational ethics, do unprincipled, unscrupulous or unconscionable things.

I would like to consider and re-define the parameters of the equation, for ethics, yet keep it simple – Ethics = moral conduct of code

As you would note, it is about doing the things morally. And by that, I mean, as explained in the earlier blog, doing the things even if you would do it when your family/friends or loved ones are around, or without having a slightest tinge of guilt.



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