Apprehension of comprehension !

Apprehension of comprehension“How do we identify which tool do we need to work on?” asked a participant in a panel discussion on automation. I think same question; however, in different styles was asked at least 4-5 times. It was interesting to note that question, not because it seemed ‘great question’, but I couldn’t figure out why this question was being asked. Fundamentally, it seemed like the person who is asking this question must know the answer. Have you come across a fruit vendor asking you to buy an apple without even checking if you need an apple or an orange! So, should it not be that the tool / technology / approach /architecture / design / best practices etc be derived based on customer requirements?

I am sure most of you all (especially in IT) must’ve come across the popular cartoon strip where in the sales person has convinced customer that he will deliver a palace whereas the requirement was a simple house and finally, the customer gets delivered a hut ! How many times do we genuinely try to even understand what the customer requires? It is nothing to do with automation alone. This is a question that most of the people seem to ‘presume’ that they’ve understood the requirements depending on ‘their’ experience. As David Murray explains in his book ‘Plan B’, we are taught to look out for solutions, we are seldom taught to understand the problems in the first place.



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