All that glitters is gold :-)


In today’s world, it is not just about what glitters, it is rather what one can make truly glitter. Many of the startups seem to innovate and creativity seems to have flourished all over the world. Newbies seem to have charged up to do something different (definition of “different/disruptive” also seems to have changed though) while investors prefer to keep their bags ready to pour into such startups.

We have been, and continue to focus on ITSM and BSM consulting. While we align our activities as per the vision set, we also keep on looking out enriching our roadmap. While our consulting helps to reduce costs, enhance productivity, improve performance (lately, we have also developed mechanisms to measure NPV and ROI) in IT operations, it also comprises of significant development and integration activities. Besides, we also have been helping our customers in certain levels of automation – which led us to consider partner with someone who we can mutually benefit from. And that’s what we did last month, we partnered with Clarive. Their product offers Application Lifecycle Management, Release/ Deploy Automation and Change/Configuration Management features.



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