Version 2.0

We have been around for over 30 months and I remember we being called as startup even till yesterday, although not in terms of maturity but referring to number of years since inception. I intend to retain the startup culture (freedom, being curious, cost optimal, juggling different things efficiently, having sharp learning curve, customer focus, learning from experience, close-knit team, hungry to explore and share new technologies/discoveries with team members); yet, work hard to come out of being tagged as “startup” since the growth seems too good to be considered as a beginner.

Undoubtedly and wholeheartedly, the credit goes to people including employees, customers, vendors (and supporters) who trusted us and our capabilities in the initial stages. Yes, we were naive and didn’t know the business techniques, challenges, even some of the common business/finance terminologies when we started. Nonetheless, we did one thing right before getting people on board – we spent more amount of time with them discussing, understanding and setting each other’s expectations. We have had set a bar of getting only the experts with proper attitude on board. Taking a cue from ‘Ratatouille’ movie, we strive to ensure that when customers talk about us, they say this unequivocally – “The best ITSM consultants in the universe are on earth. The best ITSM consultants on earth are in Bangalore. The best ITSM consultants in Bangalore are at eStomi”:-).

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