Rebooting in 2014 for 2020


“eStomi leverages $104M from the surplus funds to set up 3 schools in South Africa, 8 in India and 12 in Philippines.”

“eStomi acquires 3 companies in Australia and 2 in Sweden.”

“Virgin Galactic, NASA and eStomi partner to set up their R&D center at ISS (International Space Station).”

“$35 Billion order has been bagged by eStomi to set up entire business service and solutions management for forthcoming Olympics.”

“Follow eStomi’ is what Gartner and Forrester seem to have been suggesting their clients in order to be successful, after conferring World’s Best Business Leader on it for 5th time consecutively.”

“eStomi CTO was invited as a special guest for a dinner hosted by Nasdaq, NYSE and BSE in honor of Indian PM.”

Yes, I know the ‘futuristic’ news above seem far fetched and may form a subject of laughing stock. However, I also truly believe that ‘Low aim is a crime’.



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