Making of our (yet) another website

website“You will perhaps be mad at me saying this. Your website doesn’t reflect the way it should” quipped one of my ex-colleague and a good friend as soon as we released a new look of our website last month. Some of our other well wishers as well candidly shared that the website didn’t match our work profile accurately, the aesthetics seemed out of context and it didn’t reflect the high quality of niche consultancy that we offer.

I decided to work on the feedback. I didn’t want our team members to hesitate to share our website or to lose out on prospects (or possibly, customers) for that matter due to our website not conveying high quality of our consultancy. Yes, our competitors may learn a few things; but I was not worried about it. They may steal few aspects of how we provide consulting but not our art of consulting.

Long story cut short, we had decided to get our website redesigned by respective professionals. I had reached out to website experts within and outside of India, had explained every minute details of design/color and content that I was expecting.



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