Avoid complicating things…

 Its Jason Fried of 37 Signals who said “Its simple until you make it complicated“. I agree. It really simpleis, until one starts making it complicated. Let me share a recent, relevant experience…

eStomi had agreed to be vendors to one of our customers to provide niche consultancy on a technology that it had decided not to work on. However, after few discussions, the team realized that the technology which our customer was requesting consultancy on, has become niche. Hence, we decided to consider offering consultancy in that domain too. The challenge was to identify expert/leader who would help us to deliver it without compromising on our quality/reputation. We learnt that one of the organization (let’s call it as XYZ) had approached our customer to fulfil the same needs. However, our customer wasn’t convinced about their capabilities and had rejected their proposal.

Incidentally, we identified to partner with the same organization (XYZ) since they had core expertise but not a strong delivery mechanism or good operational support. I met with their leader to explore the possibilities of partnering for a mutually successful model where in we can leverage their core expertise and provide consultancy to our customer.




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