Article submitted towards SiliconIndia CEO-City


Let us accept that any good transaction needs a proper Give & Take. If there is nobody to take, you can’t give. The same philosophy applies in business as well. I firmly believe that nobody should invoice their customers without contributing value to their business lifecycle. Vendors/Partners give service and customers take it. How can one ensure that this transaction is fair? Well, by being expert in relative domain/skills/technology. Indeed, there are other parameters to make it successful and fair. However, if you don’t even have expertise/knowledge of that skills/domain, it becomes a time consuming activity. Moreover,  it also may be considered as cheating to an extent since you learn that expertise/skills at the expense of customers while you are expected to provide services for that cost.

We tend to achieve a fair transaction by keeping our model simple. We understand the customer requirements and THEN get an expert who will be able to do value addition and yet get his career aligned by working on that project/assignment. Yes, we don’t keep anybody on bench and are candid with our customers on the timelines that we take to get the appropriate expert on board. The customer too understands the market and knows that the wait is worth it.



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