No Option is NOT an Option


Does a situation of “No option” ever arise? I think that this is an excuse given by the folks who either have submitted themselves for the situation or have resigned from trying out different solutions. We continue to be surrounded by few such folks and it really takes a toll on the team who are reporting to such managers. This blog talks of exploring options rather than passively accepting what you cannot deliver and make the entire team suffer in that process.

I intend to write a few things about a manager who is supposedly managing a team and runs into such situations often created by him. He is a nice person; however, off late that niceness has started hitting the team members badly. Indeed, it is good to be nice but I think that one ought to be professional and skilled apart from merely being nice. I had also given him a card to help him change and let him know what the team thought about him. The message said – “It is nice to be important but it is important to be nice”.



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