COOIC (Characteristics Of Our Ideal Consultant)

I would like to dedicate this blog to one of our consultants who has been demonstrating most of the traits even much earlier than I had published the blog. In fact, I would like to share his characteristics.

He joined us in the beginning and has demonstrated perfect learning curve with perfect attitude. He is truly pationate about the organization and constantly works towards making it a better. As they say – ‘Actions speak louder than words’. Let me summarize his actions that demonstrate how I think a true employee/consultant should be.

  • He has referred over 30+ candidates and has also interviewed few of them/has done background checks before referring them to me. He continues to refer more candidates without getting frustrated that none of his earlier references have been materialized so far! What an ideal way to demonstrate trust!
  • Every time I discuss a new feature to be added, he usually ends up developing it the same day and demonstrating it towards the end of day.

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