Aah se Aha tak

Do you remember the popular Iodex advertisement? It gave a very simple but yet a meaningful message about pain relief. Today, we are at a stage where, to some extent, we find ourselves in Aha moment compared to Aah or Ouch moment that we had about 4 months ago when we started cleaning up mess in one of our customer assignment.

We had a challenge to turn around the customer’s perception and to make them trust that we know the technology, road map and the solutions for which we were taking appropriate steps. There were difficulties in terms of junior/inefficiently trained team members, attrition, unavailability of skills, clueless middle management and most importantly, a frustrated set of team members who were constantly being asked to work over weekends, stretch to work on late evenings regularly to accommodate system/network latency, unsynchronized environments and uncontrolled processes of moving code from Development server to Production server. I can go on another 5 pages to list the issues that existed; however, I hope you got the context.



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