What’s in a name?

what-is-in-you-nameWhen Shakespeare are wrote about it, I am not sure if he also referred to names of organizations. At least, I felt obliged to ensure that our startup should have a relevant name that symbolizes our objective of business. I believe that there are many things in a name. It’s a different topic to debate what does successful brand names like Apple, Nokia, Google and Microsoft etc have to do with its business strategy/goals though. This small blog attempts to throw some of my thoughts/activities that underwent in re-branding exercise.

I had a customer willing to sign a contract before I had registered my startup. Obviously, there needed a registration of an entity to be formed to sign a contract with customer. It was in such a hurry that I had very little time to analyze options for naming the entity. Of course, as any budding businessman, I wanted to name the entity differently and meaningfully, and I had indeed thought about few names. Since I have been obsessed with perfection and professionalism, most of the names hovered around that theme and those words, to be specific

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