There is no such thing called as free meal (and free Open Source services either)

open source

“Do you charge for providing services on open source products? Or do they come free along with the product?” This is a typical question that is asked when we go out for providing demos on Open Source products. Thank God, they don’t ask if our premises are free for their usage and if employees work without salaries! I wish I could explain to them that Open Source is different from charity and probably that is why it is spelt differently too:-). Don’t get me wrong. We do charity; however, we keep it separated from business.

It is an interesting experience selling open source services and solutions. I must admit that I was exposed to mostly licensed products and had seldom used open source products or services earlier. Nonetheless, I would not have dreamt of asking professionals (especially certified practitioners) to provide “free” services. Not a single time did that thought cross my mind and my only mistake was that I assumed that I thought mostly like everybody … until I started providing services on open source products:-)

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