Get Ethical, Get Wealthy!

ethicalSometimes I wonder whether this word has become JAB (just another buzzword). I see many people using this word to win the deals, show off that they are the most ethical people in the world or to gain attention by using it often in their discussions. I don’t mean to point out that they all are absolutely unethical or that they mean to be unethical. Its just that they tend to be situational about it.

Don’t agree with the title Get Ethical, Get Wealthy!? Answer the below questions –

A. You are in the office and need to make a phone call. Although you will most probably have a mobile phone; you’ll reach out to the desk phone (provided for office use) and then dial. Despite dialing by your own mobile may be more convenient; you get more tempted to use office phone. Why? Is it just habitual? Oh… c’mon don’t give me that look:-).



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